Shamanism is the oldest wisdom about the power of the universe. This wisdom is gained by individual experience. The basic techniques to achieve this wisdom are simple and powerful; they are universal or near-universal principles and the shamanic practices are not bound to any specific cultural group or perspective. you revive what is already there.

Shamans work for the benefit of every being, of mankind, the community as well as the environment. The actual healing work deals with the spiritual aspect of physical and psychological illnesses and deplorable ecological states.

Shamanism is client-centered work as well as ecologial work. Everything is experienced as unity and as living. The shaman lives in great closeness and attachment with nature and its circles. Nothing is jugded.

Health is grounded in personal power and this underpins all of life´s circumstances. The aim is to maintain personal power or to retrieve it in case of loss. A loss can happen, for instance, through a serious illness, an accident, an operation, the loss of a beloved person, and many other situations.

The shaman shows his or her clients that they are not alone, emotionally and spiritually. He or she transmits special powers to the client. Care and healing go hand in hand. At the beginning of the work the shaman empties him or herself completely and then fills up with the power of the universe. Without this power the shaman is nothing.

For shamanic practice to be effectful it requires humility, self-discipline and devotion.

A shaman is a person who in an altered state of consciousness enters by shamanic journeying the non-ordinary reality outside of space and time.

Shamanism aims to open up one´s emotions and intuition and to use one´s senses to experience reality on a different level.

It is interesting that the client does not necessarily have to believe in shamanism. The power of the universe called on by the shaman has its effect nonetheless. In some cultures, for example in tibet or in buriata shamanism today is practiced in coexistence with religion.



In shamanism illness has two aspects, a physical and a spiritual aspect.


Extraction is a shamanic healing method to look at illness under a spiritual aspect. Illness is regarded as an intrudor into the organism.

The nature of the intrudor is not judged. It is seen as a power which does not belong to the place where it is located.

The task of the shaman is to see, sense, and remove localized illness and pain connected to spiritual factors. (= to extract > extraction).

Participants will be introduced into ancient shamanic healing methods. They will also learn how shamanic practitioners can work in partnership to increase the effectiveness of this work. The technique of shamanic journeying shown in the basic workshop will be applied to learn how to recognise spiritual illnesses most of all.

Special emphasis lies on the contact with authorities in non-ordinary reality.

Please bring: a rattle or a drum if you have one, warm socks, a bandanna, a cushion and/or a blanket, writing supply and paper. Wear comfortable clothing.


Shamanic Evenings – Drumming Circle

Do you feel weak, powerless or without motivation?

Shamanism is the oldest healing and self-healing method. Shamanic healing is aimed at the preservation of our power and the fortification of our soul. We celebrate healing rituals, drum and rattle, sing, dance, journey, exchange ideas.

We work with the following topics:

personal matter of concern
group request
exchange of experiences
work with the elements
rituals, for instance healing rituals
full moon
seasonal changes
solstice / equinox
ecological shamanism

Location   Bürgerzentrum Engelshof eV, Oberstr. 96, 51149 Köln Porz
Time         20 o´clock

Please call before you come, tel. 02203-12143 or via email astrid.johnen@mittlere-welt.de